Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vettel - world champion at 23...but we can still find fault with that!!!

And so with four races to spare, we have a 23 year old F1 world champion in Sebastian Vettel. And a double World Champion at that. While the fans and media world over have hailed this feat, a small section of fans, typically hailing from a small island, are not very impressed. Their objections range from stupid to ridiculous.

  1. Adrian Newey is the real winner: sure, he designed a fast car, faster than anything else on the track, but it still needed someone to drive it to its limit which Seb did fantastically. And Webber not so fantastically - the same Webber that could have been the WC last year!
  2. Put anyone in a red bull and he'll be as fast: more specifically, Hamilton and Button would be faster. Yeah, even the same Hamilton who is being thrashed by his team-mate lately. Unless they have some inside info, or the ability to conduct "what-if" experiments, there is no basis for this objection. 
  3. Cars win races, not drivers: well then, with this line of reasoning, any driver does not deserve any credit.
  4. Seb is a driver, not a racer: nuff said - he has already demonstrated his racing craft this season - Alonso would testify to that!  

This all from people who would not have touched 100 mph in their life! I watched the Sepang GP from the track-side and the speed awesome - to not just control the car but to race at that speed - even the thought is frightening! To have the ability to push your car against the limit and come out tops race after race against the best drivers in the world is an amazing feat.

All this at 23! To be the best in the world at anything - most of us can't even imagine what it must be like. So please don't even try. Salute his genius and hope your heroes can find some way to beat him next year. 

Till then, hail Vettel!

P.S: Would love to see Schumi once more on the podium before he retires!

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